About FSBA

Fashion & Style by A’Jenae, LLC (dba “By A’Jenae”) was created by young entrepreneur, Kay and her mom, Chandra. By A’Jenae started as a vision of Kay’s at the young age of 7 when she expressed the desire to become a fashion designer. Kay has always had a keen sense of style and creativity so mom did what any supportive mom would do, signed her up for sewing and design lessons. Kay should also be given credit for giving her mom/co-designer her very first lesson in sewing/design. While working to perfect their skills in fashion design, Kay and mom began making custom jewelry and accessories to get the ball rolling. Collectively, they now have over 10 years of experience and have designed nearly 700 custom pieces for their clients and currently in the process of creating an extraordinary ready-to-wear collection that will appeal to the masses. They both continue to educate themselves on the latest design tools, trends, and techniques and are ready to take their brand to the next level in the fashion industry.